Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream.

I just had to think of that song when i visited this place.

Looking at the two plain coloured ice-creams and tasting it gives two different impression. It’s flavourful with contrasting texture. It’s like a hint for me to keep the novel light-hearted but impactful. That can be one way to go about the novel. I suppose such an impression will depend on how I present my characters and how they seem to interact with each other’s actions, words and thoughts. Time to work on it further.

Merely  Ice Cream @ Sunshine Plaza, Singapore.



I ate it all before I even started to get my think pen out. Well, a blank slate is what we need sometimes right? I have never tried gazing into a darkened slate before. I wonder what sort of mood or ideas will this invoke.

Going back in time as you will see from the picture below, I was still savouring the view.

Who said only sweet delights can be feasted upon? If I may be a bit more specific, the food is enjoyed by the palate, the view is relished by sight, and music is cherished by the ears, physical matter is embraced by the skin, and poems are celebrated by the mind.

This view means something dear to me. But, it shall be a story for another time.

Sky on 57 @ Marina Bay Sands, Tower 1, Singapore.

Wings come in pair

Sometimes, it is rather sad that you are not able to share your perspective of rainbow with someone else precious. So perhaps, the very least we can do is to bring the moment to them. May they be marveled by it through their own lens. After that, it sounds like it will be fun to exchange different point of views. Excite each other. Improve each other.